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Vocal Health Tips

Last Saturday, I went to see ex-student, Michael Bell, in Mountview Academy of Theatre Art's, production 'The 25th Annual Puttnam Spelling Bee' performed by 3rd year (BA Hons in Acting) students. After the performance, we got talking about vocal health and the importance of looking after what is possibly one of the most vital 'tools' for both actors and singers alike.

Singing and Stress

So, our Musical Evening rehearsals continued last week and we are excited to say, the end product, doesn't seem too far away!
Often, when our students come to class, they have come straight from School and perhaps have had a stressful day, especially the ones taking GCSE's and A Levels.


Rehearsals for our Musical Evening started in earnest last Thursday, after versions of the tracks and the lyrics of the songs we will be performing, had been emailed out to our students in advance. These sorts of rehearsals, can often be long and laborious, but once over this stage, the students soon find that there are many benefits to learning to sing!

Actors who sing

Due to technical details (well actually a glass of wine being spilt on our AppleMac!) we have been un-able to upload any blogs for a few weeks, but we're back now, hope you haven't missed us too much!

The Interview

At AGF, we do a lot of work with our older students on preparing for auditions, as being an Acting/ Performing Arts school in Nottingham, we think it's very important to be as prepared as you possibly can and contrary to what many people think, the interview process is just as important as your speeches, and should be treated as such, it's another 'part' of the whole audition!

Audition Day

Auditions vary from school to school, some taking only 10 mins with notification days later, (through the post/email), others taking a few hours and incorporating a group workshop, with re-calls on the day. So, with that in mind, here are a few bullet points that we have learnt over the years to help you through the ordeal (oops, sorry, experience!)


Learning Your Speeches.

So, your applications have been sent off and you have spent days, even weeks looking for your speeches and now you have to get on with learning them. Different teachers will teach different methods of doing this, but, BRIEFLY, this is the way we, as a well established drama school in Nottingham encourage our students to 'tackle the job'.

Where to find audition speech

So, you have done all the research, chosen the drama schools you would like to audition for and sent off your applications (and in some cases your UCAS forms) the next step in the journey, is to pick your speeches.

Drama School

For some of our older students, and for acting students everywhere, this time of the year is often a nerve wracking one, as they start on that long journey of auditioning for full time drama school! We once heard it said, that getting into drama school is SO much easier than getting a job in the industry once you have graduated, and we all know how hard it is to get into drama school!

safe place

AGF offer free trial lessons once a month, so we often have new students, and January was no exception. We welcomed 10 lovely young people of varying age, into our 'family' a few weeks ago and all of them are gradually settling in and slowly finding their way.


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